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In 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake turned Haiti upside down and thrust the country into the international spotlight.  Long associated with endless suffering and poverty, Haiti quickly became synonymous with international aid and relief.  The small Caribbean nation was consequentially flooded with an influx of assistance and propped up by record levels of aid pledges. 

Unfortunately, however, goodwill and attention don’t necessarily translate into results. By 2015, the rubble of the collapsed buildings was partly cleared but huge numbers of Haitians remained vulnerable, displaced and without permanent housing. 

There was a particular need to address the specific issues faced by women.  Johan Lopez, Cameron Smith, and Ourida Victorin, MS Candidates in Global Affairs from New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, traveled to Haiti to listen to women’s experiences following the earthquake.

This film highlights Haitian women’s experiences with violence following the 2010 Earthquake. We amplify their voices. We share their stories.